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Embrace your God Given Beauty
Embrace your God Given Beauty...

Hiking is a great workout! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself toning up and
even shedding a few pounds with regular participation.  

Before each hike: Go to our blog to check the weather for the hike location and
get the fitness tip of the day. The hike will only be cancelled due to  heavy rain or
freezing temperature.

Stay on the marked trail. Most of the people you hear about getting hurt did
so because they went off the trail.

Watch your footing. Some of the trails can be strenuous and very steep in
places. Be aware of loose rocks, slippery leaves, tree roots and stumps.

Pace yourself.  Save some of your energy at the beginning of the trail so that
you have enough to push to the top. If you begin to feel winded, slow down. If you
need to, stop and take a sip of water. This will help deliver much needed oxygen
to your cells.

Push yourself. Once you get that first hike under your belt and as you get
stronger, don't be afraid to push yourself. Try to increase your pace and
decrease the frequency of your rest stops. To help increase your stamina, do 30-
60 minutes of cardio such as walking, running, cycling or elliptical at least three
times a week. Don't forget to stretch before, during and after exercise.

If you take photos, please share them so that we can include them on the GGB
Hikers web page and or blog. Save the pics to a compressed file and email them

After the hike, be sure to visit our blog and leave your comments. You never know
who you will encourage by sharing your experience.


Click here to visit our blog.