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Embrace your God Given Beauty
Embrace your God Given Beauty...
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GGB Client Testimonials
These testimonials from loyal clients speak for themselves:
"To God be the glory!"

    ~ J.B.
"Going to God Given Beauty Hair Salon
makes me feel like a beauty Queen.  The
stylist knows just how to treat my hair type
which is important to me to have a healthy
head of hair and a healthy scalp.  One thing
I like about going to God Given Beauty Hair
Salon Is that I can always depend on the
shampoo bowl being Shiny and clean.  I
don’t have to be concerned about
Sanitation because God Given Beauty Hair
Salon has a well known reputation of being
tough on dirt. I recommend God Given
Beauty Natural Hair Care Salon to anyone
who wants to look their natural best with
the hair that we are born with.  It’s time that
we women of Color get back to our God
given beauty and keep our hair healthy,
natural and strong."

-- Rebecca M. Of Gastonia NC       
"FREE! I had been in distress and
bondage for years because of chemicals
and different styles (a lot of bad ones!). My
journey has been somewhat of a spiritual
awakening...[learning to accept] myself
(hair) the way God created it to be:
Natural! Thanks to JoVanka Black for
re-visiting me on this journey. I now have
Sisterlocks, started by her and I am loving
the way they are forming."

-- Cathy B. Of Gastonia, NC
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"I had been contemplating going natural since the summer of 2004
and was trying to decide which path I wanted to take. I initially
started with corn rolls and then went on to twists. After my
continued research I learned about Sisterlocks. After doing much
reading and viewing various photos of the Sisterlocks method, it
was in January of 2005 I did the big chop and decided to get my
hair Sisterlocked. Next step was to find a qualified Sisterlocks
consultant and it was then JoVanka Black was highly
recommended to me. I went to my consultation and I knew when I
left it was a match.  She was extremely professional and answered
any questions I had and addressed all of my concerns. Two weeks
later I went in for my locking sessions and needless to say she did
a FABULOUS job! I absolutely love my hair and I can't ever imagine
going back to the creamy crack."

--- Kendra G. Of Charlotte, NC